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July 8th, 2009 Edition

Google Maps Real Estate Search
The more I am on Google Maps, the more cool features I find! it is really becoming a business tool to take advantage of! I have just discovered their Real Estate Search...

Facebook User Name - What Is It and Why You Need to Get Your Own
Remember back in the day when we all realized the importance of getting just the right domain name? It was like a lightbulb moment and if you were like me you went and registered as many as you could think of in relation to your business because "better safe than sorry". Now, it seems nothing is left as far as domain names go...

Quick Tip - How to Fit a "Written Thank You Note" Into Each Day - Are You Telling Your Clients You Appreciate Them?
At one point, I had a running list of people I needed to send thank you notes to. This list of course was growing and I never had time to write out any of my notes. My e-mail and everything else always took priority. My solution?

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