michael russer mr internet

Michael J. Russer

RUSSER Communications, CEO
a.k.a. Mr. Internet
Founder of REDominance

"Carrie I’ve known you since you were an individual VA and even then you stood out head and shoulders from the others in your professionalism and commitment to excellence. And since then you have built up an impressive team where every member reflects that same concern and dedication. This along with your unshakable integrity is the reason I don’t hesitate recommending you and your company as the “first choice” for virtual support work in the real estate industry. Many of my coaching clients have used your company’s services and rave about it.

Thank you for being such a shining example of what true results-oriented professionalism in the virtual support world is all about. The industry is that much better because you and your company is there to support it!"

Bob Corcoran

Corocoran Consulting & Coaching, CEO & Founder
Nominated in the Top 100 Most Influential in Real Estate by Inman News

"It is my pleasure to recommend the services of RealSupport, Inc. As a team of Real Estate Virtual Assistants, they offer top-notch real estate marketing services and support. Their team members are knowledgeable and proficient in all aspects of marketing, strategy, website design, listing coordination, lead management, logo design and more. What they can do for you in terms real estate marketing for your brokerage, team, or if you are a single agent will astound you. Across the board, we are always pleased with their services and support. Please consider RealSupport, Inc. for all your real estate marketing needs. I recommend them and their services to all of our coaching clients."

Michael Russer

RUSSER Communications, CEO
a.k.a. Mr. Internet
Founder of REDominance

Dru Bloomfield

Realty ONE Group
Scottsdale, AZ
(Client Since 2011)

Kathy Toth

The Toth Team
Ann Arbor MI
(Client Since 2003)
Jamie McDevitt
McDevitt Sotheby’s International Realty
Southern Pines NC
(Client Since 2014)

"RealSupport is THE BEST. What we, at McDevitt Sotheby’s, like best is that we never have to worry about IF things will get done....they ALWAYS gets done and our seller’s LOVE what they create for us. Everything is done very quickly as well....I never have to a matter of fact RealSupport stays on me if I have not provided them something they need to get the job done. I also like that they can handle the smallest of jobs or larger ones. They have worked with me and my agents to create a very complete and professional marketing program!"

Dave Marshall
2 Marshalls Realty
Springfield OH
(Client Since 2014)

"Hats off to Real Support and my contact Todd Merrill. My wife and I are small town Realtors that needed a big time web site. Todd and his team produced a Web page that has increased our business 10 fold. First we worked together to came up with a brand. From there we included the brand on our site and things just took off from there. Over the past year Todd has introduced us to new state of the art advertising that has once again increased our sales. Give these guys a chance we think you'll be very pleased with what Todd and his staff have to offer."

Patti Fine
Keller Williams Realty
Boston MA
(Client Since 2010)

"Before starting with RealSupport, I interviewed two virtual assistant companies. I went through a written questionnaire process with one, and that one I never even heard back from. RealSupport was consistently in touch and following up. When I finally made the decision to move forward and have someone take all the social media off my plate who better than the one that was doing exactly what I was suppose to be doing -- following up and keeping in touch.

RealSupport has been at my side from the start with an interview to find out who and what I needed and wanted. One of the many things I appreciate is their creativity; so nothing was cookie-cutter for them. Everyone on the team has been professional, able to think on their feet, hold me accountable, very responsive to all questions and requests, as well as caring on a very deep level. I feel they are so much more than just a group of people in IL but friends there to support you in your venture. They want to see all their clients succeed.

RealSupport has helped in so many ways to bring my business to the next level. The services they now support me with has grown well beyond just handling my social media to custom designing postcards, custom work on my website, extensive marketing on all levels, and it will continue to expand even more. I conference them in on calls when it has involved other marketing ventures and I wanted their opinion on worthiness. As I jokingly tell people when they ask what do I think of my my RealSupport Virtual Assistant Team, I simply say 'If I wasn't married I would have to think about marrying all of them!'"

Ginger & Jeb Blasingame
Star Realtors
Granite City IL
(Client Since 2013)
Ginger and Jeb Blasingame

"We have been using RealSupport for almost a year and trust me, we needed them. They have really helped us with so much. We now have a new Website, strong social media presence, postcards, brochures, email signatures, listing presentation, staging presentation and much more. Great group to work with and could not have gotten this far without them. You are welcome to call me off line. Our website is Oh forgot to mention, it was like a week after my website was complete, I received a call from a client that wanted to list one of their properties. She said she normally searches the internet to locate 3 Realtors in the area and interviews them over the phone. She said she took one look at our website and did not need to make those two additional calls. I was pretty excited that all of our hard work paid off."

Jennifer Nangle
The Nangle Group
Bethesda MD
(Client Since 2012)

"As I dove into building my real estate business as a full time career (and left a full time corporate sales job), I was fortunate to hit the ground running! It was the spring market and everyone found what they wanted. Before I knew it, I was overwhelmed with the tasks of managing contracts, lead generating, creating marketing materials and having a better web presence. I couldn't do it all by myself! The other colleagues in my office had nothing good to say about using virtual assistants so I began looking online (blind - with no direct referral) to see what I could find. I immediately saw REALSUPPORT's web page and read the testimonials… I started to get excited. I sent an email requesting more information and had a call set up with Erica Lawrence the next day. We spoke at length about all RS could do to assist me in my endeavors. I found Erica and her group to be so professional and on top of the true needs of what today's REALTOR is expected to do that I threw caution to the wind (regarding not being directly referred) and signed on board. Every person at RealSupport that I have worked with has been professional, prompt and so very kind! They have the patience of a saint and always go the extra mile! I give them my highest referral rating and would recommend every REALTOR partner with RealSupport. They are REALLY GREAT! :–)"

Michael & Lene Thomas
The Thomas Team
Evanston IL
(Client Since 2011)

"RealSupport came highly recommended to us and we’ve been extremely happy with their “Real Support”! We were a busy team without any presence in the social media arena until we started working together with Erica and her team. Now we have our Twitter, Facebook and Blogging in order and working for us! This allows us to continue to focus on real estate while RealSupport takes care of our online presence for us. They've helped us along with great suggestions, excellent support and extremely timely responses. We would highly recommend Erica and the RealSupport team for those who want to build and grow their business!"

Stephanie Nix
Pearl MS
(Client Since 2011)

"I've already been very pleased and impressed with the work you've done with all my social media marketing. I've had several local agents mention my Twitter posts and followers are growing daily. This morning however I was extremely pleased to receive an email from Twitter that NAR Info Central is now following me - WOW!! Thanks for doing such a great job keeping me "social" and allowing me to stay productive with my clients! I appreciate all of your hard work and efforts to help grow my business."

Joeann Fossland
Master Certified Coach
SRS, MRE Society

“As a personal and business coach to highly productive people who are living lives they love……I believe having a virtual assistant is the ONLY way to thrive! A VA allows an agent to focus and spend time on their strengths & what they do best, while letting an expert take care of the details and other processes that they don’t do well. My clients who use the RealSupport team rave about how it has helped them. The list of services is long and each client is individually served based on their needs and paired with the best VA for those needs. I am pretty picky about who I refer my clients to, but have never had any problems or complaints, just glowing appreciation for the quality of work they get from RealSupport! Life is too short to perfect your weaknesses! Let RealSupport help you.”

Joy Carter
Prudential Florida Realty
Coral Springs FL
(Client Since 2011)

"I am very satisfied with my experience with the RealSupport, Inc. team. Their willingness to be accommodating and flexible sets them apart, and I know any task or project I put in the hands of RealSupport's team members will be handled quickly and courteously. I've been impressed with the customer service and knowledge ability of my new team of real estate virtual assistants and would recommend their services to any agent!"

Jeff Esterkes
Mortgage Lending
Burlington MA
(Client Since 2011)

"One year ago I thought Facebook was something you could borrow from a library and Twitter was the sound made by a bird. Without RealSupport I would think the same today. Thankfully that is not the case. The RealSupport Team provides the advice, content and technical expertise that enables me to expand my lending practices through social media and blogging initiatives. Thank you."

Patrick Kane
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
McHenry MD
(Client Since 2011)

"I was exposed to Virtual Assistants many years ago by Michael Russer. I could never wrap my head around how I could benefit from utilizing that type of service. Then, quite by accident I met Carrie and her crew. I read an article in the VA QUICK TIP COLUMN of Michael Russer’s “Online Dominance” blog/newsletter, written by Carrie Gable, President/Owner of RealSupport, Inc. I emailed Carrie after reading the article, and had asked for advice and guidance on print marketing. I wasn't ready to hire RealSupport, Inc. at that time, yet I received an e-mail back from Carrie with the answers to my question. I was so impressed that someone that had nothing to gain took the time to help me anyway. Within a short time, I became a client of theirs and I am tremendously happy with the service that the entire team provides. While the blog that they write for me is on auto-pilot, Erica still checks in often just to make sure we’re happy. I would highly recommend RealSupport, Inc. to anyone and everyone."

Pete Heryla & John Rockwell
RE/MAX Synergy
New Brighton MN
(Client Since 2011)

"RealSupport has been very organized and insightful with regards to the process of getting our online marketing campaign off the ground. The support staff listens to our needs and offers prompt solutions to our problems. We look forward to completing the project."

Terrie Hayden
RE/MAX Destiny
Cambridge MA
(Client Since 2009)

"After closing 36 transactions in 2009, I knew it was time to hire an assistant. After having my best year ever in real estate, I have made a business decision to reinvest back into my business. I had a part-time college student helping me, but that only lasted for six months. I asked other agents for recommendations, and was introduced to RealSupport. Even though it has taken me some time for me to break through the barrier and trust someone else that I cannot see with my business, I am so happy with the results.

Everyone on their team is professional, encouraging and patient. After a lot of back and forth, it finally became crystal clear to me that whatever RealSupprt suggests is what I am going to DO! Why try to reinvent any wheels? I am so incredibly impressed with my new bio and tagline they created for me, and cannot wait to see my new website launched with the custom header they've designed! If you are thinking about using the RealSupport Virtual Team, I guarantee you will be so happy that you did!"

Shannon Rose
CSR Real Estate Service
San Jose CA
(Client Since 2010)

“As a growing team, I found myself needing additional assistance, even with a full time assistant in place. I found that what was holding the development of my team, was not having the time to expand my business and marketing goals. I wanted to implement social media into my marketing plan, but found that it kept getting pushed further and further down on my to-do list. Real Support has allowed me to focus on the high dollar producing activates, while expanding my social media marketing to increase my business. Their communication is excellent, and I feel I can give them any project and know it will be handled accurately, efficiently and quickly. I will continue using RealSupport and consider them part of my team! Thank you RealSupport!”

Kristen Cramer
Lake & Company Real Estate, Inc.
Seattle WA
(Client Since 2009)

"I have come to rely on RealSupport for most of my website enhancements and improvements and have started to use them for helping me with other marketing materials as well. It gives me great piece of mind to know that I have "personal assistants" that are knowledgeable and capable and can step in to help anytime I need it!"

Peggy Oremland
RE/MAX Premier
Fairfax County VA
(Client Since 2009)

"I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am to have found you. I have a new sense of calm knowing you are going to be there to help me get these new listings up and online. You are exactly what I have been looking for. I couldn't be happier with the way you are handling things and know as we get to know each other, things will get better and easier. I just love having you on my team!"

Trish & Frank Capitanini
The Capitanini Specialty Team
Wilmette IL
(Client Since 2007)

"The RealSupport team is professional and sensational to work with and they are always available at a moments notice to complete a task. Their turn around time is unbelievable, even on a tight deadline. Their final product is sensational, professional, and unique to our team. RealSupport is impeccable with details and follow through and their efforts have enhanced our business immensely.

RealSupport is our official marketing team, they are amazing and we cannot survive without them. We have had a very beneficial relationship and are thrilled to have partnered with them."

Harry & Diane Howarth
Prudential Prairie Path REALTORS
Elmhurst IL
(Client Since 2003)

"Thank you again for your outstanding and prompt service with our new listings. In this challenging market your ability to customize on the fly and your expertise and fresh ideas are invaluable to us. We appreciate your professionalism and industry knowledge with the end result of a quality product to deliver to our clients. We look forward to many successful years ahead!"

Charlotte Liu
Keller Williams
Boston MA
(Client Since 2008)

“I don’t usually write testimonials, so this is out of the ordinary for me. However, I really do want to share my incredible experience working with RealSupport Inc. - they are angels! Coming back from Hobbs & Herder Gateway, I got inspired about the idea of getting a Virtual Assistant to help me with my real estate needs. I got few referrals but RealSupport really came through in a powerful way. They are patient, friendly, kind, and most of all detail oriented which is a skill that I lack. With the help of the RealSupport team I was able to put together a plan for my direct mail campaign. RealSupport even compiled my mailing list for me and sorted it by street to include the streets I desired. Best of all I know that while RealSupport is managing my campaign, my mailings will go out and I don’t even have to think about it! They also help me with my website and several design projects. Now I am flying beyond the sky, living my life in a new extraordinary way and I know that every task will get done. If I can dream about it – RealSupport will make it happen. I love them!”

Janie Bress
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Glencoe IL
(Client Since 2007)

"RealSupport designed my website. They were very patient and helpful when working with me to get my real estate personal website just right. They offered many good ideas and were very willing to make changes until I was completely satisfied. Anytime there are changes or additions to be made to my listings, they handle them in a very timely way. The RealSupport team is a pleasure to work with."

Allyson Toth
RE/MAX Masters
Hillsborough NJ
(Client Since 2008)

"As a business owner who has also spent years in the corporate world, my interaction with RealSupport Inc. has exceeded my expectations. Working with the staff is nothing short of enjoyable and always professional. I am always given a concise summary of how the RealSupport team will take my ideas, add their expertise and produce a marketing campaign that is as timely as it is relevant in helping me compete in today’s changing world of real estate."

Susie Bigelow
Coldwell Banker Premier Realty
Las Vegas NV
(Client Since 2006)

"RealSupport was recommended to me by a real estate coach that teaches REALTORS® how to streamline their business. I like having the flexibility of using RealSupport when I am busy, yet when things slow down; I am not obligated to keep them busy. The thought of getting an on-site assistant did not appeal to me because of the management and bookkeeping involved as well as the up and down nature in the real estate business. I worried about keeping an on-site assistant busy all of the time, with RealSupport I don't have that concern - I use them when I need them. RealSupport fits my needs perfectly. They are always there when I need something or have a new listing to market. They have an extensive menu of services to choose from and they customize a marketing plan for each client's individual needs. They are always friendly, responsive and accommodating. For me it's a great fit!"

Michael Trust
Michael Trust Realty
Encino CA
(Client Since 2005)

"Carrie and her team have been supporting my real estate and human resources consulting business for over three years. During that time, the RealSupport team has greatly expanded their offerings and is very adept at using technology and creative marketing to assist their clients. Carrie and her Team bring a high level of marketing experience to bear on each of their client's projects and they are not shy about making suggestions to better assist their clients. I have no hesitation in recommending RealSupport for your Virtual Assistant needs."

Malcolm Carter
Prudential Douglas Elliman
New York NY
(Client Since 2003)

"RealSupport Inc. has been a lifesaver in keeping my business running smoothly. They are supremely competent and conscientious. Knowledgeable about real estate, they pay close attention to details, schedules and issues that can or do arise. They also possess creative flair and extreme computer literacy, and they smilingly go the extra mile whenever necessary. Moreover, the miles that separate us are totally without impact. The staff at RealSupport may call themselves "Virtual" Assistants, but "vital" is more to the point."

Sue Krider
Allie Beth Allman & Associates
Dallas TX
(Client Since 2012)

"Thank you Erica and team for all of your support during the past few months. Specifically the social media support has
been extremely helpful. I am impressed with how professional the blogs and other posts are and I am seeing results! Everyone has been so responsive and helpful. I am learning more and more how to best utilize your team. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others."

Grace Borzini
Oak Shores Realty
Bradley CA
(Client Since 2006)

"My personal assistant had the job opportunity of a lifetime fall into her lap. She gave me notice on a Friday. Her new job started Monday! After picking myself off the floor and getting over the sick to my stomach feeling, my office manager and I reviewed our options. They were slim because my office is located in a rural resort area with next to no skilled labor force. Fortunately I had been attending Michael Russer's "Mr. Freaking Internet Boot Camp" for the last few years and I knew that I could turn to virtual assisting. We had already done many special projects with various virtual teams, however a special project is very different from day to day tasks that an assistant performs.

I ended up using Michael Russer's platform for interviewing Virtual Assistants. I chose Carrie Gable and her team of Virtual Assistants for many reasons. A couple of those reasons are: they have a brick and mortar office with a team of assistants who can cover for each other, and they serve agents in geographical zones so you do not have them working with your competition. This allows for RealSupport to share great idea's other agents are implementing (with that agent's permission). This in itself can be an invaluable tool. I love their task management system. The learning curve is very small. The team at RealSupport Inc. is very responsive, organized, and has become an invaluable part of my team!!!! Not to mention that everything they do for me is now a documented system/procedure that anybody can follow. I could go on and on with how satisfied I am but suffice to say: I would highly recommend RealSupport, Inc. to any agent in need of assistance, you can't afford to not do it!!"

Sven Andersen
RE/MAX Collection
Winchester MA
(Client Since 2007)

"When you look to a Virtual Assistant you don't know what quality control you get, but after 3 VA's I have found a team who truly does care about my business as much as I do. The RealSupport team allows me to focus spending my valuable time in front of clients instead of tied up with marketing or paperwork that, of course, has to be completed. Here in Massachusetts the paperwork is overwhelming and the RealSupport team takes care of everything. From the time I get the listing to the day I close the deal they are there for me and my clients every step of the way. If you have thought about hiring a VA but have always been concerned about the outcome; look no further. You have found the team that will elevate your business.

Carrie, I would like thank you and each member of your wonderful staff for assisting me in becoming the number 1 sales agent in NE for the month of July, 2009. A client said to me, ‘how do you achieve all that you do?’ I replied ‘with the proper support anything can be accomplished, and without my team I would be just like the rest of the agents competing for your business.’ I appreciate all you do and I want to make sure that you know that your efforts do not go unnoticed. I appreciate your continued support and assistance and want you to know that without you and your efforts I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m proud to have all of you on 'The Team'."

Alyson Readon
Readen Real Estate of Keller Williams Realty
Ashburn VA
(Client since 2014)

"I worked with the creative team at RealSupport to develop my logo. My Account Manager is phenomenal!! His communication was excellent and prompt. He and the design team really listened to my ideas and transformed them into a logo I am extremely happy with!"

Tracy Kable
Kable Team Realty
Charles Town WV
(Client Since 2011)

"As a full-time Realtor and Team Leader I found myself at my wits end with projects I felt I needed to complete to improve my team. Time was not on my side! My real estate coach recommended RealSupport, and with hesitation, due to negative experiences with Virtual Assistants, I called them to inquire. From that moment we began forming a working relationship that took a load of stress from me and set me on the pathway to getting things complete on my project list. I continue to add to the list daily and work with RealSupport as my time and budget allows. The team listens to my brain storms and then suggest what they feel is best for me and we work toward the implementation of it. Meanwhile, after being with RE/MAX since 1994, I decided to launch out on my own and in addition to that moved the location of my business. I could not have done it without the dedication of RealSupport. They assisted in all the changes needed with a move and were very efficient in doing so. I appreciate the knowledge and ideas they bring to the table. The blog they write each week is impeccable! The handle my Social Networking and I constantly have people saying to me how involved we are on Facebook. I just smile and say thank you because half the time I don't know what's being said! I would certainly recommend RealSupport for projects small and large. I will continue to use their services to help my business to grow!"

Kathy Toth
The Toth Team
Ann Arbor MI
(Client Since 2003)

"Hiring Carrie and the RealSupport team has helped us with quick turnaround time, and to get rid of recurring administrative tasks while not incurring overhead, not having to deal with employee personal problems, and not having to understand HOW to do any of it, It just gets done! I have been working with RealSupport for 11 years and highly recommend them. They also frequently reach out to me with new ideas. They're worth every penny because they are professional, responsive and they get things done."

Rob Gow
Shoreline Property Advisors
- Prudential Rubloff
Chicago, North Shore, Harbor
County Michigan and Indiana
(Client Since 2011)

"We had heard great things about RealSupport so when we made the essential decision to launch our social media marketing program we knew just where to go. From my first conversation with Erica Lawrence and with each and every communication with our RealSupport team the level of customer service and enthusiasm has been outstanding!

Not only has RealSupport helped us launch the creative and technical components of our social media marketing program, the RealSupport team has become our trusted social media marketing consultants and our cheerleaders! Looking at our Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Email programs it’s clear that engaging RealSupport to help us strengthen our Shoreline Property Advisors brand and support our future business growth has been a worthwhile investment. Our job is to be outstanding Realtors and the best business managers we can be.

Part of being a good business manager is knowing when and where to go to get expert advice along with making the right investments in people, technology and ourselves. There is no way we could have acquired the expertise, managed the process and insured our social media marketing program success without our RealSupport Team. As part of the Prudential Rubloff management team I highly recommend RealSupport to my fellow Realtors and Broker Managers."

Andrew Show
Buyer's Resource Realty Services
Columbus OH
(Client Since 2012)

“As a long time fan of Michael Russer and seeing his repeated “effervescent enthusiasm” for using Virtual Assistants and RealSupport in particular I made the decision to inquire. As an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker I was concerned that RS might not “get” what it is that we do and our competitive point of difference with traditional Realtors. The staff did take the time to truly understand the EBA differences and have been very effective in communicating that thru our updated web content, blogging and our various social media outlets. They work within your budget and really provide the support that you need to be more efficient with “your” time. I am very pleased that they customize their efforts in providing for our best interests!”

Linda Domis
Prudential California Realty
(Client Since 2011)

"I can't say enough about the high quality of work and professionalism provided by Realsupport, Inc. The professionals at RealSupport have been a huge asset in doing several projects that would have taken my team and I months to complete. RealSupport is familiar with many real estate software programs, which eliminates time needed to train staff on and I really appreciate their accountability and frequent communication; which helps keep us focused. I highly recommend RealSupport to anyone who wants to grow their business."

Kimm Pastrana
Century 21 Pastrana Realty
Minneapolis MN
(Client Since 2011)

"I have been very impressed with the knowledge and talent the RealSupport, Inc. team has to offer. Projects that use to take my on-site team months of time and big dollars to finish are now accomplished faster, with superior professional results and in the end far less money. They not only pay attention to the details, they are a very creative team that delivers on time, which is a rare combination. I look forward to delegating more projects to them!"

Judy Newton
Coldwell Banker
Evanston IL
(Client Since 2007)

"My manager mentioned the idea of a virtual assistant and then Carrie Gable came to one of our office meetings and discussed the concept. I was skeptical at first and didn't like some of their canned marketing ideas, however, they were very open to my suggestions and worked with me until we reached a place where they could perform and I felt happy about what was happening. They have new listing tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, and some one time marketing projects. The RealSupport team has been great. I don't have to worry about filling up an assistant's time, being a manager, or seeing them.

I submit my internet tasks and they perform them. I pay on a task by task basis. They have helped me do mailings, bring me reasonable ideas to enhance my web-sites, and periodically bring me new marketing ideas. They have my passwords, send me an invoice every month, and are extremely responsive. The relationship is working. They only call when there is a problem. My goal is not to see their number on my caller ID. I know that as I become more organized and aware of other internet options they will play even a greater part in my real estate life."

Pat Russiano
Century 21 Award
Chula Vista CA
(Client Since 2011)

"The whole staff/team at RealSupport has been understanding, responsive and very helpful in answering any questions I’ve had in my attempt to steer my business into the Social Media era. It took me a long time to make the decision to commit to a Virtual Assistant for my marketing efforts but now that I’ve made that decision, I’m convinced I chose a winner."

ProAct Real Estate
ProAct Real Estate Group
Weston FL
(Client Since 2010)

"Two Thumbs Up! RealSupport delivers time after time. It doesn’t matter what you request from them; RealSupport has a very professional “can do” attitude that makes you want to delegate everything so you can focus on prospecting and growing the business. I was looking for a VA to help me develop my new Real Estate brand as well as provide support for my transactions, and after carefully evaluating several VAs, I decided to move forward with RealSupport. Their cross-functional team has done an amazing job with my new RealPro website and they've also designed several branded marketing pieces for me. I look forward to their continued support as I grow my business to the next level!"

Cheryl Buck
Better Homes and Garden Real Estate Executive
Bellevue WA
(Client Since 2009)

"RealSupport has helped me take my business to the next level! They are there when you need them!"

Lorraine & Gilbert Marchany
Weichert Realtors
South Brunswick NJ
(Client Since 2010)

"Lorraine and I would like to let you know that your staff has been just super to us. Given that we came to RealSupport under a tight time frame and over a major holiday weekend, you folks were able to get us up and running in a day and that was a blessing. We recently purchased a domain name to reflect our new team approach. We're so happy to have hired the RealSupport team as we have a new sense of relief and can now spend more time with our clients!"

Dianne Dunn
Dianne Dunn & Team New Bern
New Bern
(Client Since 2003)

"Carrie and the RealSupport team have been a very important part of my real estate team since 2003! They've done a fabulous marketing job with my new listings, as well as a systematic follow-up program to all my sellers. Their team photo is part of my listing package, and my sellers are amazed at the incredible tasks that a professional Virtual Team can accomplish.

Their dedication and service-oriented approach are second to none, and I consider them to be one of the most valuable assets to my team!"

Michele Fieldson
Coldwell Banker Star Realty
Los Alamitos CA
(Client Since 2007)

"I can't say how much I appreciate what RealSupport has done for my business and in helping me get focused. Everywhere you turn, you are being bombarded with the latest and the greatest. We all know how much money we can throw at marketing with no results.

But, then, the question is always, What is the best use of my time? From something as time-consuming as trying to implement my own marketing plan, designing a customized listing presentation, figuring out how to add a microsite, spending countless hours with technical support over a problem I don't understand anyway, designing custom artwork for a special giveaway, and on and on, all of those things are not where my expertise lies. If I'm in front of my computer working on tasks that take me away from getting business, then I'm losing money.

In addition, they have an actual office. There is more than one person to handle any situation. You are not left in a bind if someone is out sick or has a personal emergency or, heaven forbid, actually takes a vacation. Everyone at RealSupport is responsive and so pleasant to deal with, and they can pick up where someone else left off, if need be. Once you have a Virtual Assistant team like RealSupport, I don't believe there is any looking back. I consider RealSupport an essential part of my team"

Debbie Obradovich
Prudential Prarie Path REALTORS
Elmhurst IL
(Client Since 2007)

"Since I have had RealSupport take over my listing marketing I have much more free time. I know that I don't have to worry about updates or postings. I know that they will be taken care of in a professional timely manner. It has become a great listing tool to tell Sellers that I am professionally managing their listing with a marketing team dedicated to promoting their home."

Pauline Donnelly
Coldwell Banker
Boston MA
(Client Since 2008)

“The team at RealSupport are knowledgeable and professional and have helped me kick-start my business marketing including putting together a customized branding package and a plan to create a successful online presence for my website. They are responsive and understand my marketing needs well. Frankly, I am thrilled to have found the RealSupport team! I have needed to put together a more cohesive marketing plan for my business for a long time and I am happy that I am finally working on it with their help!"

Alix Myerson
Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
Washington DC
(Client Since 2004)

"Carrie and the Real Support team help make us a stronger real estate team. They are well-organized and full of useful information and ways to keep ahead of the curve. They are such a breeze to work with, professional, knowledgeable and fun!"

Julie Deutsch
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Glencoe IL
(Client Since 2007)

"Working with RealSupport has brought my website to the forefront of modern technology. In a business where first impressions are vital, my clients are impressed by the innovative design and layout of my website. The RealSupport team has been a true asset to my business!"

Ana White
RE/MAX Texas
El Paso, TX
(Client Since 2014)

"RealSupport is a great company and I am very happy with their services and constant communication. I recommend RealSupport to any agents who want to take their internet exposure to the next level."

Wes Madden
Madden Real Estate
Fairbanks AK
(Client Since 2013)

"RealSupport has been a great team to work with! We love their personalized blog posts that they’ve been doing for us – they’ve taken the time to really research our local area, they’re open to input from us, and they always respond quickly to any request. They’re also always reaching out to us with innovative ideas and promotions, and then they implement them seamlessly. Thanks for making us look great!"

Kathy Jackson
Hendersen KY
(Client Since 2011)

"Before RealSupport I had hired 2 on-site assistants that didn’t work out so I was skeptical that a Real Estate Virtual Assistant could handle what I needed and be up to the quality standards I expected. I am thrilled to say that hiring RealSupport has been the perfect move for me!! I know that when I send the team a job, I can relax knowing that the job will be completed correctly and quickly! The stress and worry that I experienced in the past is gone. I can now focus on the tasks that are going to continue to build my business!"

Patricia Trapnell
The Trapnell Real Estate Group of Coldwell Banker Apex
Dallas TX
(Client Since 2013)

"I've used RealSupport for about 6 months for my farming postcards and campaign and the quality is good for the money. I recommend them."

Mark Strickland
Keller Williams Realty
Greater-Boston and the South Shore MA
(Client Since 2011)

"This past fall (2011), a valued Keller Williams colleague whom I highly trust and respect, enthusiastically recommended RealSupport, Inc. as the perfect resource to help me increase my social media presence. To be perfectly honest, I've had neither the time nor much interest in doing this on my own. In the few short months since I hired this firm, their friendly, cohesive, enthusiastic, professional and highly competent team of experts doubled the number of "fans" for my Facebook business page. They also gave this page and my real estate blog a much needed face-lift, and they now look comprehensively branded. "My" team also added live social media logos to my email signature, so everyone who gets an email from me now has easy "one touch" access to my LinkedIn profile, my Tweets, Facebook Business Page and professional Real Estate Blog. By working "hand in glove" with RealSupport, the latter has more robust content than it has ever had! Finally, they have given me high visibility in a new market into which I'm expanding my business, while deftly balancing these initiatives with my social media in nearby markets in which I've practiced for many years.

In short, the staff at RealSupport, Inc. has become an integral part of The Mark Strickland Team at Keller Williams Realty, serving the metro Boston area and adjacent "South Shore" communities. It gives me great peace of mind to know that I can count on their experts do what they do best, which frees me up to do what I do best: listing and selling luxury homes, and working with qualified buyers to purchase them."

Carol Zeitz
CPZ Real Estate, LLC
Houston TX
(Client Since 2011)

"Since opening my brokerage in 2010, we've completed over 50 transactions. The good news is that I feel really great about that accomplishment. The bad news is that I needed help to be sure nothing slipped through the cracks! I found RealSupport via Twitter and did quite a bit of research and review before settling on a VA. I have been so pleased with the process so far. Everyone on the team has been terrific, very helpful with ideas, and open to providing me with exactly what I need and want. I'm looking forward to closing just as many transactions over the next 12 months as the last, but I know the process will go much smoother with RealSupport's professional help!"

Linda Burnett
Keller Williams Realty
Boston MA
(Client Since 2011)

"My website and the rest of my online presence is looking good. Just knowing that you guys are there to back me up has given me an incredible feeling of freedom, and the ability to focus on the hands-on, person-to-person aspects of my business. I don't know if it's the low interest rates or what, but my phone hasn't stopped ringing since I signed on with RealSupport!"

Jamin O'Brien
Senior Sales Consultant
Real Pro Systems

"Erica is a joy to work with! Professional, caring and dymamic she brings personality and a great work ethic to the real estate industry. A great communicator, she has referred many clients to RealPro Systems and we do our best to uphold her high standards! Erica and her team have a great understanding of online technology as it pertains to the real estate industry even though we are a busy space with many tough competitors. I am always excited at the opportunity to refer agents to Erica and RealSupport knowing they will be well taken care of!"

Eric Glassoff
Coldwell Banker
Brookline, Boston & Newton MA
(Client Since 2011)

"I have relied heavily on RealSupport for their expertise, know how and guidance on how best to market myself and my real estate business. They have taken a lot of the burden off me so I can focus on what I do best which is to be in front of customers. I highly recommend them to any Realtor who wants to increase their performance and create a professional image."

Lori Price
LookwithLori, Inc. Real Estate
Fairbanks AK
(Client Since 2010)

"After only two weeks of working with RealSupport, I just today received my first invoice and have to say when I compare the bill amount against the progress you have helped me make in so many different areas in such a short time, I immediately decided to add this to the “bills I pay with a self-satisfied chuckle each month” category. Needless to say, it’s a pretty select group. I look forward to paying many more!"

Amy Stoehr
Founder and Director
Real Estate Masters Guild

"Brilliant approach to virtual support - a team working together so my coaching clients never have to worry about something not getting done because their VA is under the weather. Very smart approach."

Theresa D'Antuono
Grant Cole Realtors
Lexington MA
(Client Since 2009)

"Carrie and her team have been with us since 2009. No matter what we request, they have always exceeded our expectations. Their exceptional team has helped us with our logo re-design, writing ad copy, creating the covers for our buyer and seller booklets, setting up social media accounts, creating and mailing monthly postcards, and more. I can’t say enough about the RealSupport team. They are calm, supportive, knowledgeable, and reliable. Thank you, thank you!"

Walter Burns
New Jersey Waterfront Real Estate
Hoboken NJ
(Client Since 2010)

"Erica and the entire RealSupport team have been a valuable asset to my business in 2010-2011. They have assisted me with all aspects of property listing management and marketing, as well as designing specific branded marketing pieces for me. I have been extremely happy with their services and support and look forward to our continued relationship in the future."

Ashton Reinecke
Swann & Associates
DeLand FL
(Client Since 2007)

"I have been a REALTOR® for 8 years now and I have always had those mixed feelings when I got a new listing - excited that I have been successful at winning the listing, but not looking forward to the hours and hours of work now before me to set up and market the listing properly.

Finding RealSupport was wonderful. They have freed up my time so that I can do what I am good at and work on the things that do make me money. The RealSupport team is very professional, always helpful and courteous, and you can pick and choose only the services you need. I looked at several other VA's before hiring RealSupport. I now know that I made the right choice.

The RealSupport team delivers their work in a timely manner, furthermore, the team listened carefully to me during the Q&A and spent some time reviewing my website before putting together their plans and recommendations for me. What a pleasant surprise! Thank you and bravo! It is so rare these days to have anyone do as they promise. Broken promises, excuses, and misrepresentations seem to be the norm instead, but you guys have made my life easier. Thank you to Erica, Carrie, and the rest of the RealSupport team!"

Susan Pruden
Century 21
Cheverly MA
(Client Since 2009)

"I finally got a chance this morning to go in and look at and I LOVED it! I love what you did with the front page, with the definition and so forth, it's just absolutely terrific! You really captured the flavor of GHI which is fabulous. It looks GREAT! I just love the copy you put together, so thank you very much!

Erica and the RealSupport team have made my life so much easier with their great support to my real estate business. My clients love the work they do and, for them, it's seamless. I am very happy with this company."

Gina Dumas
RE/MAX Associates Plus
Minneapolis MN
(Client Since 2009)

"I have been thinking about hiring an on-site assistant for several years but have dreaded the thought of the interview process and training. I hired RealSupport recently and am thrilled with their service and with the fact that I do NOT have to train them. Period. They are experts in the industry and they know what works. They are on top of everything and get my tasks done faster than I would myself and, best of all, they have great ideas. Thanks, RealSupport!"

Gretchen Papineau
Coldwell Banker
North Andover MA
(Client Since 2007)

"The RealSupport staff is not only responsive, but they have analyzed ways to make my business grow to the next level and make my time even more productive. They have insight into what works for agents and they make it happen!"

Gena & Harold Gilbert
Gena Gilbert Real Estate
Morehead City NC
(Client Since 2008)

"Carrie and her team of experts at RealSupport, Inc. have proven to be one of the best business investments we have made in the past 18 years of working in the real estate profession. They respond immediately to our requests, they follow up and are always on top of the things we ask them to do. It is a pleasure to work with them and it is a wonderful feeling they are always there to support us and make our business run so smoothly."

Barbara Beers
RE/MAX 100
Dunkirk MD
(Client Since 2004)

"While I am fortunate to have an in-house assistant to help with many details of working with buyers and sellers, sometimes we get on "overload." The folks at RealSupport have been a real blessing with handling the details of completing listing marketing and other computer work. We feel truly lucky to have discovered them several years ago. They have the ability to process a listing from its inception through closing - if that's what an agent prefers. Give them a try -- they'll work with you to create the package that fits your marketing style, freeing you up to go take another listing, find the perfect home for a new buyer, or take your kids to an afternoon matinee!!"

Chris Edwards
RE/MAX Renown Realty
Chester NJ
(Client Since 2008)

"I would like to compliment RealSupport for their professionalism and expertise. I was looking for a new VA to manage my website and after speaking with Carrie Gable and her team I decided to enlist their services. I needed prompt attention because an unresolved problem was getting worse and they came through with flying colors. They were courteous, knowledgeable, and understanding of my needs and completely solved my problem quickly and efficiently. And it's so nice to call an office where a human being actually answers the telephone. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a VA with expertise in a variety of areas. Thanks to the RealSupport team for doing such a great job!"

Kara Hart
Terra Nova Global
Carrboro NC
(Client Since 2007)

"RealSupport has been a true time saver for me. Knowing that my marketing will be put into action as soon as I have a new listing keeps me from running in a million different directions at once. It's a great thing not to stress over!"

Brian J Fragassi
Harmony Home Inspectors
Huntley IL
(Client Since 2007)

"RealSupport has been an integral team member for Harmony Home Inspectors. They lend their insight to situations where I am less familiar and are quick to implement changes when we change direction. When situations come up that we haven't covered before they think on their feet and get the job done. I have complete confidence in RealSupport operating the answering and scheduling aspect of my business."

Joan Prout
RE/MAX Villa
Jersey City NJ
(Client Since 2002)

"Carrie and her team members at RealSupport have been an integral part of my Real Estate team since 2002. I make a practice of delegating any tasks that do not require a physical presence in NJ or a NJ Real Estate License. Carrie holds the position of Client Care Manager on my staff and deals with our clients from before they hire us through closing and beyond. Thanks to the RealSupport team, our clients never feel neglected, our deals run much more smoothly than they ever did before, and I'm free to concentrate on generating new business and negotiating contracts. Thanks to RealSupport, I have an award-winning website that is constantly being improved. Carrie is my first line of technical support and is always watchful for cost-saving opportunities and new ideas. She is proactive both in improving her business and mine. Having the RealSupport team has resulted in increased profitability (for every dollar I pay them, I figure I net 3) and I can provide my clients with excellent service without feeling like a hamster in a wheel."

Dawn Krantz
Private Label Realty
Austin TX
(Client Since 2009)

"Erica and her team have always gotten my listings out earlier than expected and have always followed through and stayed on top of everything. I would highly recommend her team as they are excellent real estate virtual assistants."

Ann Lebiecki
Shorewest REALTORS
Milwaukee WI
(Client Since 2003)

"Erica and RealSupport Inc. are fantastic and cutting edge. They really help you in your real estate business no matter what level of sales you're in. What's great is that you can utilize their services whenever you need them, maybe it's a project at a time or on a regular task management basis. They've really helped me to prosper and grow my business. Great Results, On Time, Creative"

Brent Sweet
RE/MAX 100
White Plains MD
(Client Since 2007)

"After taking the plunge and hiring a Virtual Assistant to do some of the "stuff" that was so hard to give up, I have found that once you get things set up and this team of pros takes over - things run smoother that I could have imagined. I can now tell sellers what is going to happen and when, and it happens. I would be glad to discuss, with anyone, any fears you may have. The RealSupport Team is just that "Real Support". I look forward to many years together with them taking over more and more "stuff" as I continue to learn that they get it done faster and better!!"

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