We strive to keep our clients updated on the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing and technology. Below are this weeks "Bright Ideas"...

Social Networking is Here to Stay...Are You Connected?
It's no secret that in today's competitive marketplace, social networking is a must. There are hundreds of social networking websites from which to choose. Find out which websites will benefit you the most...

Wordless Marketing Creates Strong First Impressions!
Think of the pictures of a listing as the initial draw. If buyers see blurry, dark or cluttered photographs - they are far less likely to look any further into the home. But, imagine what a single, strong eye-catching photo can do!

Zillow Showcase Ads - Are They Effective?
To be a successful media company, Zillow needs to make sure their customers are realizing success with their ads. It is important to look at what the best-performing ads look like, and the lowest performing, because ad content is crucial to performance.

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