We strive to keep our clients updated on the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing and technology. Below are this weeks "Bright Ideas"...

New Year’s Resolutions - Serve Don’t Sell!
Do you sell or serve? It is a simple question. I believe there is a big difference and your success in 2010 depends on it. Read more to gain a fresh perspective and start serving...

Corefact Marketing Systems - Some Innovative Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Leads
I have seen a lot of drip direct marketing campaigns, but this one seems different. While Corefact offers the usual just listed, just sold postcards; it also offer a lot more. In particular, what caught my eye were the following custom series of cards:

Twitter Tip - Building Invaluable Relationships on Twitter to Support Your Business
You never know who you will “meet” on Twitter. Give it a try and start building those invaluable connections! See a few "real life" examples!

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