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Just Released: 2010 Pre-Listing and Marketing Presentations - GET MORE Listings!

Have you been looking for a way to showcase your services and marketing efforts in a clear, concise and effective way? When meeting with potential clients, do you have something that they can take away from the meeting that will ensure they choose to list their home with you? We've created an effective way to professionally showcase what you're prepared to offer each and every seller!!

Real Estate Pre-Listing & Marketing Presentations

As a real estate agent, you know the importance of that initial listing appointment. Imagine walking into that listing appointment, armed with a full marketing presentation, outlining everything that you are prepared to do to SELL their home.

Our Pre-Listing and Marketing Presentations are a fully customizable, two phased system that is sure to turn more leads into listings.

Phase 1 - Pre-Listing Presentation
Hooking the Prospective Client

The Pre-Listing Presentation should be snail mailed, emailed or dropped off prior to a face-to-face meeting. We include two different letters within this package - one letter will be for a prospect that you have scheduled a meeting with and the second letter will be for a prospect with whom you are requesting to schedule a meeting. In each letter it will be important to indicate that you will would like to present your personal marketing plan for THEIR HOME to the prospect at the face-to-face meeting since it is not included in the Pre-Listing Presentation.

The Goal of the Pre-Listing Presentation:
For the prospect that you have already scheduled an appointment with, the goal is to educate them and prepare them for your meeting. You may re-visit points outlined in the Pre-Listing Presentation during your face-to-face meeting, however you’ll feel confident that they are somewhat educated on your ideas and marketing strategy, having received the Pre-Listing Presentation prior.

Perusing your Pre-Listing Presentation is sure to pique their interest. They can see that you are organized, prepared and professional. Setting up a meeting in person with you is their logical next step to see what else you have to offer.

Phase 2 - Marketing Presentation
Turn Leads into More Listings

The Marketing Presentation will be presented in person by you and will showcase your marketing strategies, efforts and plans. We will customize it for you, going over every tactic that you use, while spelling it out for the prospective client in a way that they’ll understand.

Goal of the Marketing Presentation:
Plain and simple: You showcase your extensive marketing efforts and inevitably win over the seller so that they list their home with you!


*Please note: Upon purchase and after customization, we will provide an electronic PDF of the Pre-Listing and Marketing Presentations.  You are responsible for any 3rd party printing services and/or fees, if applicable.

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