We strive to keep our clients updated on the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing and technology. Below are this week's "Bright Ideas"...

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Business!
As a real estate agent, you’re well aware of the stresses and busy schedule that await you each morning; but it is imperative that you make time to rejuvenate your business each year. So, in honor of this refreshing season, take a look at a few quick tips to revive your business.

How to Create Dynamic Contact Forms & Calls to Action on Your Website!
You have your real estate website all set up, but you are struggling to present the important information in an attractive way. You don't want to be too flashy, but you also don't want to confuse potential leads. So the question remains: How can you grab your audience's attention without “yelling” at them? How can you provide clear information in a compelling way? Here are two simple ways to change how visitors view your website.

Keep Your Social Networking Sites Organized in HootSuite!
HootSuite is a free service that allows you to maintain all of your social networking sites in one place. This service can do just about everything you need to for social networking, without jumping from site to site! We definitely recommend using it, so take a peek at some of our favorite features about HootSuite!

What We've Been Up To:

  • We are proud to announce that we have recently set-up and enhanced Judy Szynborski's Facebook Business Page. Judy is one of our clients from Southern Maryland, and you can see her new page here!
  • We have begun writing and managing the blog for the Russo Team, our clients from Phoenix, Arizona. Take a look!
  • We finished designing new business cards for Judy Newton, our client from Evanston, Illinois. Judy is also a yoga instructor, and you can have a look at her new business card design!

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