We strive to keep our clients updated on the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing and technology. Below are this week's "Bright Ideas"...

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Create Buzz about You and Your Business!
Do you want to walk into a local restaurant and be recognized as "the" real estate agent in town? Looking forward to having your phone ringing off the hook with new leads and guest speaker requests? It won't happen overnight, but when you continue to work towards your goals, you will notice a difference! Get on the path to real estate celebrity status with these five simple and cost-effective ways to jump start your business!

Don't Be Afraid to Get a Little Personal
Let’s be honest: people want to work with people that they like. As a real estate agent who is continuing to establish their social media presence, you want to make sure that you're professional at all times. However, with social networking, it's perfectly fine to loosen up a bit! To maintain your reputation as a trustworthy source in your area, you must interact and get a little personal when using social networks!

What Matters More in Social Media: Quality or Quantity?
It's always mind-boggling to see people with thousands of Facebook fans or Twitter followers. The important thing, however, is not to dwell on the number of fans you have and instead to focus on the quality of your fan base. Remember that interaction is key to building your social networking presence!

What We've Been Up To:

  • We have recently set up and enhanced a Facebook Business Page and Twitter account for Chris & Kerri Hanley, our clients from St. Croix, Virgin Islands!
  • We have also set up and enhanced a Facebook Business Page for our client, Sean Lindsay, the PODS Chicago Sales Manager in Woodridge, IL. Take a peek at his page here!
  • We finished setting up and enhancing a Twitter account and Blogger blog for Patrick Kane of Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty, a client from McHenry, MD.

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