5 Habits of Charismatic People You Can Use!

What comes to mind when you think of the word “charisma?” For me, I think of those outgoing people who always seem to say the right thing, have tons of energy and are always toting a huge grin. (I imagine them breaking into a broadway style song and dance at any moment.) They seem to be successful at everything they do and can easily win over a crowd of people in no time. I’m sure as real estate agents you’ve found these charismatic people in the industry and these “super agents” tend to be your highest competition.

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Paying Attention to Your Ratings Pays Off

As a real estate agent, people probably talk about you. But do you know what they’re saying? Finding a way to monitor your reviews is crucial to staying on top of the wants and needs of your clients, and also to stay a step ahead of your competition. While we are awesome at maintaining our own online social presence, we also have to be conscious of how our clients are contributing to that. Have you read your reviews on Yelp lately? Have you ran a Google search of yourself? Other than the great testimonials on your website, what are people saying about you? AG Beat wrote a great article that demonstrates why online reviews are so important. With our busy schedules this can easily get overlooked, click here are a few reasons why it shouldn’t.

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Monitor Your Brand's Effectiveness

Building a brand is about attracting an audience that will be of value throughout your business’s entire lifespan. If you based your brands success solely on numbers and figures, that wouldn’t do much good because you would have no way of knowing which of your strategies are a success and which need some re-working. In today’s world of Internet marketing and social media, brands are fighting for success amidst thousands of other brands striving for recognition on the same platforms. So what do you do to set yourself a part? For starters, stop monitoring the numbers and focus on what you can do, proactively, to get the results you desire.

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