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As real estate virtual assistants, the one thing we continue to push for our clients is blogging. It boosts SEO, puts your name higher in Google rankings and shows your clients and followers that you can be a trusted resource for whatever they need. We know that blogging isn’t something that can be done during your 10 minute coffee break – but it doesn’t have to be completely eliminated either. If you’re having trouble finding the time to do this extremely important task, here are some ways to fit it into your schedule.

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Pitch an Idea in 15 Seconds or Less

Today’s consumers love everything to be short and sweet. Think about it. When you want some info on a specific topic, instead of reading an entire article, you Google your topic and read a few sentences until you have the basic gist. Unfortunately, the same disinterest or distractions can take place during a face to face conversation. So when you’re presenting an idea to a friend, co-worker or client, it’s important that you get the message across quickly.

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Drive More People to Your Facebook Page with These 3 Simple Tips!

We all want more likes and interactions on Facebook. It makes us feel like we are truly reaching our audience and building our clientele that will influence our business now and in the future. Yet, because of demanding schedules and honestly, more important things like showings, listing appointments, closing and basics like eating and spending time with your family; you can’t spend all day drumming up likes and comments on Facebook.

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Jennifer Nangle

Jennifer Nangle
The Nangle Group
DC Metro Hot Properties
Bethesda, MD

Jennifer Nangle is an experienced real estate expert who brings passion, dedication and unsurpassed enthusiasm to each and every transaction. Her ability to recognize the unique wants, needs and lifestyles of each client along with her natural flair for connecting with all types of people makes her a unique agent who truly loves her career.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, Jennifer is a true Eastern native and has lived in the DC Metro area most of her life. After a successful career in direct sales, lobbying and litigation, Jennifer’s exceptional skills, abilities and talent led her to pursue a career in real estate.

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Facebook Upgrades!

In our continual efforts to keep branding consistent for our clients, we have begun designing and implementing call-to-action graphics and content on Facebook! Check out these samples below.

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