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Located just outside Chicago, RealSupport, Inc. supports many successful real estate agents all over the country by taking over their endless marketing efforts. Time is money, and RealSupport, Inc. will save you both by assisting in all aspects of your marketing — from strategy to website design to listing coordination, transaction management, lead management & generation, website design, logo design and more — RealSupport, Inc. fuses innovation with experience to help you succeed in a competitive market. RealSupport, Inc. is a team of experts known as Real Estate Virtual Assistants, dedicated to making you a Real Estate leader in your area. Blending creativity with technology, RealSupport, Inc. will assist you and/or your staff in whole or in part, temporarily or indefinitely. 

Our History

RealSupport, Inc. started out as a DBA ( in May of 2000. At that time, founder Carrie Gable worked for an advertising agency in Chicago which outsourced a tremendous amount of work such as PowerPoint’s, Internet research, etc. Gable saw the need and the potential and started out of her home office with the idea of catering to businesses that had work overflow.

Shortly after starting, Gable realized the potential of specializing and after some market research, discovered support for the Real Estate industry would soon be in huge demand. The need by Real Estate Agents was explosive. Most Real Estate Agents handle their own marketing and the thought that this was not a good way to spend their time was catching on. Gable joined the International Virtual Assistant Association (IVAA) and other Real Estate specific organizations that had certifications in the real estate industry. Gable also started following the charismatic Real Estate speaker and Real Estate Virtual Assistant advocate Mr. Internet" aka Michael Russer ( Soaking up all there was to know about servicing the Real Estate Agent's marketing needs and basing her services around what she had learned, Gable catapulted into the ranks of one of the very first full-time and full-service Real Estate Virtual Assistant Companies in the industry.

In July 2003, Gable’s company was soaring. Gable took the large leap and Incorporated as well as changed the company name to RealSupport, Inc. to better reflect the Real Estate industry that RealSupport was successfully servicing as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) team.

Growth was tremendous and in 2003 Gable hired the first employee and rented office space for two. While most of Gable's colleagues were forming "Virtual Teams", Gable's vision was very different. "I wanted to create a corporation that would allow me to oversee every aspect of the work that RealSupport was putting out to ensure excellence. I also wanted to create a level of accountability and quality work within my company that I knew could never exist with a network of independent contractors which is what my competition was doing." Gable never looked back and is one of the only Real Estate Virtual Assistant companies with a "bricks and mortar" location and an on-site professionally trained team.

With wonderfully steady growth, the next team member came shortly after the first, and again a move to a larger office space was required!

The momentum did not stop there. From 2006 to 2008, RealSupport, Inc. held a full-time team of 5 Real Estate Virtual Assistants. In June of 2008, RealSupport, Inc. moved once again to a beautiful office park and now resides in their fourth office space, which is 2,000 square feet.

Early 2009 brought even more growth despite reports of a sluggish market and 3 new Real Estate Virtual Assistants were brought on for a total of 8 full-time Real Estate Virtual Assistants.

Being in huge demand, RealSupport, Inc.’s took on 18 new clients in 2008, 43 new clients in 2009. 57 new clients in 2010, 85 clients in 2011 and 59 clients so far (as of July 25th) for 2012. Growth has been tremendous and RealSupport, Inc. continues to be a leader in the industry with 18 full-time team members.

RealSupport management proclaims “The sky is the limit and we are so excited to see our team and client list continue to grow. Our reputation in the industry is second to none and our phones never stop ringing.”

To learn more about our unique Real Estate Virtual Assistant services and how we can support your company, we invite you to contact us to schedule a complimentary needs assessment, please call 847-705-1655 or email at

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