Remarketing for Real Estate

Competition in the real estate industry is fierce. Large real estate franchises spend enormous sums to maintain brand exposure. Unless you can afford to run your own ad during the Superbowl, it’s impossible to out-spend the competition. Fortunately, you don’t need to!

You can have high-impact, global-quality marketing that is strategically targeted to your audience - all within your budget. Let us introduce you to Remarketing for Real Estate. Here’s how it works - and why it works!

The Google Display Network reaches up to 92% of all online traffic in the United States. Remarketing enables you to take advantage of the dominant presence of the Google Display Network.

Remarketing tracks visitors to your website, and “follows” them as they browse the web. Your ad automatically appears on many of the websites they visit, keeping you and your services in front of them.

Remarketing your brand to your target audience can boost your lead volume, your lead conversion, and ultimately, your income!

Remarketing gives you multiple opportunities to turn a casual visitor into a productive lead. Imagine if you could get more of your visitors to sign up for your newsletters, or ask you about a home for sale. With the continual exposure of re-marketing, your presence stays at top-of-mind, prompting your visitors to return and take action!

Remarketing is a cost-effective way to achieve powerful exposure on the most-visited websites on the Internet. The Google Display Network includes sites such as:

  • YouTube
  • Trulia
  • Yahoo
  • The New York Times
  • Yelp
  • Many more!

When your prospects see your marketing virtually everywhere, they gain a strong impression of your professional caliber. You also become difficult to forget!

Remarketing for real estate levels the playing field between your brand and large, competing companies. You do not have to “outspend” your competition to have impressive marketing!

You do, however, need an experienced marketing partner who can help you achieve the best results from this online strategy.

Here’s how RealSupport can help you:

* We create custom ads for you, formatted to fit all participating websites in the Google Display Network, reaching up to 92% of all online traffic.

* We set up remarketing campaign accounts for you on Google and Facebook. We activate the “cookies” that will enable the tracking of your site visitors.

* We monitor your real estate remarketing campaign and track results. We report these results back to you on a regular basis.

* We fully manage your real estate remarketing campaign, respond proactively to trends, and make adjustments to optimize impact.

* We customize your real estate remarketing campaign to meet your budget. For example, you can stop your campaign, if desired, and re-start it later. Our real estate remarking campaigns are flexible and affordable.

How does RealSupport know so much about remarketing campaigns? Simple. We successfully use them ourselves! We promote remarketing for real estate because we know it works.

Would you like to see some examples? Contact us now for a free, no-obligation consultation about Remarketing for Real Estate!


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