Effective August 2006

The following details the guidelines for the use of RealSupport's team photos, logo and bios including, but not limited to, print applications and for use on the World Wide Web by RealSupport's clients and business partners and is subject to the following conditions:
  1. Required Photo Collage of RealSupport Team
    The following is the approved team photo collage that must be used on all websites, print material and other media. For website use, it is important to use the link to the collage rather than saving the collage on your own web server so that if there are updates, they will be made automatically to the image on your site. For print material, please use caution as the photos may need to be updated due to changes in employee status or the addition of new employees. Please be advised, that while RealSupport has retained expressed authorization from all employees to utilize their photo, if an employee leaves the company for any reason, they may request that any and all print materials and web pages eliminate the use of their photo.
  2. Link for photo graphic (low res):

    Link for photo graphic (high res):

  3. Required Text
    The RealSupport team photo collage and/or logo must always be accompanied by the RealSupport team biography (referred to as "text" within this document) in clearly visible text. The text may be displayed either to the left or right of the photo or logo. For web sites and other media or print material making use of the RealSupport team photo collage and/or logo, the required text is as follows. At times, RealSupport will give permission to modify the copy; however, it must be approved prior to making any changes. Team member names are not to be used as text, but will be used on the photo collage graphic.
    RealSupport, Inc.
    Virtual Marketing Assistants

    An essential component of our team that you are unlikely to meet is RealSupport Inc. Working just outside of Chicago, the RealSupport team specialize in real estate marketing. Our virtual team undertakes many of our marketing projects - from ad and postcard campaign creation and website design to listing coordination and email marketing. Using high-tech solutions, our virtual team members blend innovation, experience and peerless dedication to client care. The team is one extraordinarily important reason that we can pledge, with utter confidence, that we will deliver consistent, high quality marketing materials for all of our listings.

  1. Required Logo - For Clients
    Clients of RealSupport are not obligated to use the RealSupport logo. However, if it is used, it must be used in compliance with the guidelines stated in number 4 below.
  2. Required Logo
    All business partners (and clients that opt to use the RealSupport logo) must use an approved logo and must be displayed in accordance with these guidelines. The logo may not be displayed smaller than the original size that has been provided to you. The logo may be displayed at a larger size, but all elements of the logo must be proportionally increased in size. The RealSupport logo must not be altered in ANY way. The logo may not be taken apart; changed in proportion, color or fonts; shrunk; or otherwise altered from the version supplied to you by RealSupport Inc. Banner Ads must link to the appropriate website and do not require additional text.

    Link to low res logo (for websites):

    Link to Download high res logo (for print material):

  3. Required Link
    The RealSupport logo and text title "RealSupport, Inc." must always be an active link to the following URL's:
  4. Required Placement for Logo
    The logo must always be stand alone, not be combined with any other graphical elements other than the team photo collage. Required text must also always appear.
  5. Positive Presentation
    You must display the RealSupport logo, photo collage and text in a positive manner. The logo, photo collage and text may not be used to depict RealSupport and or any of its members, clients, employees, services, products and affiliates in any negative way. The logo, photo collage, and/or text may not be used on "adult"; sites or sites that promote or portray discriminatory practices against any individual or group based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc.
  6. Alternate Text for Images (the ALT tag)
    The Alternate text tag for the logo and/or photos (ALT) may only include a reference to RealSupport and/or services provided by RealSupport. The ALT tag may not include text about another company, text for advertising, derogatory terms, or otherwise. The preferred tag for the logo and photo collage is ALT="RealSupport - Real Estate Virtual Assistants".

RealSupport reserves the right to change these guidelines solely at its own discretion. RealSupport will provide 15 days electronic notice of these changes. Fifteen (15) days following such notice, changes must be incorporated to any RealSupport photos, logo and text usage.

RealSupport reserves the right to immediately terminate permission to use its logo, photos and text to anyone at any time. RealSupport may visit participating sites to check on compliance to these guidelines. In addition, RealSupport may terminate this entire RealSupport logo, photos and text use program with 15 days electronic notice.

To qualify to display the RealSupport logo, photo collage, and text on your website, print materials or other media, you must provide any, or all, of the following features, qualifications and or information:

  • Be a RealSupport Inc. Client, in good payment standing
  • Be a RealSupport business partner or vendor
  • Be a RealSupport affiliate
  • Have an active link to RealSupport website or sections within
  • Offer any information for which RealSupport is the originating source

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