Virtual Tour Vendors

VisualTour, 800/873-0700, ext. 230.

  • $199.95 setup fee; $29.95 monthly subscription fee.
  • Tour-building software and hosting.
  • Unlimited number of tours incorporating up to 50 still and panoramic images.
  • Talking guide steps user through tour creation process.
  • Stitching software for panoramic images.
  • Unlimited text for each scene.
  • Automatically resizes images for faster downloads. Narration. Saves tours to disk or CD.
  • Reformats tours for viewing on different real estateportals, with automatic linking to the tour.
  • IDX, PicturePath compliant.

TourFactory, 888/458-3943.

  • DIY Web-based solution starting at $49.95 per tour
  • Tour creation services starting at $109.95.
  • Tours can include panoramic and still images with text.
  • File folder interface for easy navigation.
  • Converts tours into flyers or saves to CD-ROM for distribution off line.
  • Optional audio sound track or narration.
  • Third-party stitching software (sold separately) required to create DIY panoramic images.
  • PicturePath compliant., LLC, 877/390-6630.

  • Comprehensive marketing solution for real estate professionals
  • Tour building offered free of charge, includes marketing tools suite
  • MLS Linking [STAR Marketing] : all listing info provided by data feed, immediate tour creation, automated syndication, 30-day free trial
  • Landing page, presentation tour, and listing video auto-created for every tour with home audio HTML5, Mobile Platform integration, free iOS & android App- upload true video from mobile device QR codes, 24-hr call line, Shortcode Text, Flyers- all created automatically
  • Expansive lead generation, leads collected & organized, batch texting, email follow-up, weekly tour statistics emails
  • Nationwide network of photographers; tours include still, panoramic, and HDR images, package prices vary, 678/528-1740.

  • Minimum of 6 month membership
  • 6 Months = $59.95
  • 1 Year = $89.95
  • June 29th -goes up to 6 months =$79.95 1 year = $119.95
  • Once you are a member, your rates cannot go up -fixed pricing
  • Price includes an unlimited number of tours
  • You cannot stitch pictures with this program, but you can upload already stitched pics for no extra charge
  • Can put captions and audio for each slide
  • No Set-up fee
  • Free Trial -one free tour
  • Referral program -for every 5 people you refer that sign up -you get the equivalent of 1 year membership fee in the form of a check
  • Tours can be posted to

IPIX Virtual Tours, 800/336-7113, ext. 6557.

  • Price varies depending on solution and service provider.
  • Offers various packages incorporating 360-degree immersive imaging technology, which puts viewers in the middle of the space.
  • Options include do-it-yourself software and imaging kits for those with or without cameras
  • Tour creation services via a national network of authorized providers.
  • Starter kits, including hardware and software, which works with select digital cameras, starts at $1,494. PicturePath compliant.

Obeo Tour Bronze, 800/729-6236.

  • Turnkey Bronze package with four panoramic images and up to 11 standard photos costs $109
  • Price varies depending on local fees, package level, and tour features.
  • Optional interactive SpaceDesigner lets buyers see listings; floor plan and drag and drop furniture to visualize different layouts.

RealAdvantage Voyager 360, 866/902-3600.

  • DIY hardware/software packages and network of authorized tour service providers.
  • Voyager 360 Optic/Virtual Tour Software kit $1,479, plus $49 for unlimited number of tours.
  • Ring adapter allows creation of 360-degree images with most digital cameras.
  • Image-processing software to stitch images together.
  • Voyager 360 Tour Camera system, combining Nikon camera, software, and hosting, available for $2,599, plus $49 monthly hosting fee.
  • PicturePath compliant.

Real Tour Vision., 866/947-8687.

  • Fees vary depending on package; $10 hosting fee per tour.
  • DIY solutions and turnkey services through a network of authorized service providers.
  • Basic $299 360 Stick kit provides digital camera owners with monopod for capturing 360-degree images and Tour Builder software for creating/posting IDX-compliant tours to Web.
  • Tours can include audio sound track or voice-over narration. PicturePath compliant.

Rea lBiz 360 by TourBuilder, 888/732-5249, ext. 81.

  • $49 setup fee; $26.95 per month after free three-month trial period.
  • Web-based tour-building software and hosting.
  • Software wizard guides user through creation process.
  • Includes iseemedia Photovista stitching software for combining photos into panoramic image.
  • Supports high-definition images. Zoom feature.
  • Subscribers can create unlimited number of tours.
  • PicturePath compliant.

Property Panorama by TourManager 2.0, 877/299-6306.

  • $24.95 per month after 60-day free trial period; team packages also available.
  • Unlimited number of tours.
  • Web-based solution guides users through creation of tours.
  • Unlimited images and text. Free customized branding of tour window.
  • Tours can be converted to promotional brochures or burned to CD. IDX, PicturePath compliant.

Guru Home Visions

  • $149.99 Canadian yearly membership fee.
  • Web based Virtual Tour building Software.
  • Hosting unlimited number of Virtual Tours.
  • Brochure/flyers created instantly with Virtual Tour.
  • Simply pick the photo style and color of brochure/flyer - no stitching required.
  • Post on
  • MLS compliant links.
  • Google Map integrated.
  • No special cameras or equipment required.
  • 14 Day FREE Trial.
  • Contact your Virtual Assistant for a discount.

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